UH principles

Braden Crooks received his undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture from The Pennsylvania State University. While there, he became a passionate urbanist, artist and student activist. After graduation, Braden continued to pursue community and environmental advocacy by founding Groundswell; A Community Environmental Rights Initiative. On November 8th, 2011, Groundswell passed a Community Environmental Bill of Rights banning Fracking by a popular vote in State College, PA  –the first successful popular vote on such an initiative in the country. As he continues his studies in New York, Braden plans to expand his work as an organizer, urbanist and thinker; catalyzing creative change in the world around him.

Alberto Salis was born and used to live in Oristano, Italy. He achieved his undergraduate degree in Architecture and Construction Engineeringfrom UNIFE (University of Ferrara). For an interest in broader urban themes is developed in those years, after graduation he decided to join the European Master in Urbanism, a participated post-graduated program by Universities from IUA Venice, TU Delft, KU Leuven, UPC Barcelona. Within the two-year program he started to travel abroad from Italian context, fulfilling his interest in exploring new different realities. In the last two years his works assessed issues related to post-globalized urban environments, such as the Commons, food safety, r-urban strategies and sustainable connectivity.


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