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14 thoughts on “Research | Economics of Housing

  1. Ingrid Gould Ellen is Professor of Urban Planning and Public Policy and NYU’s Wagner Graduate school of Public Service and Co-Director of the Furman Center on Real-Estate and Urban Policy. Her research interests center on urban social and economic policy.

    Interview: Ingrid_Gould_Ellen_interview_conversion_wav

    Excerpts from Interview with Ingrid Ellen:

    …The neighborhood stabilization program – federal program, first round in the recovery act, basically federal dollars that go to jurisdictions,to subsidize, that can go to different purposes, but basically subsidizing the purchase and renovation of REO [Real Estate Owned, often foreclosed and bank owned] homes. There is the National Community Stabilization Trust, which is a national organization which tries to negotiate with banks on bulk sales that can go to non-profits. I don’t think anybody, I don’t remember, anyone talking about homesteading….

    …It’s been more about reselling them, selling them back to the market…

    … There’s certainly places around the country trying to get the properties into non-profits, maybe REO to rental, yeah, housing prices tanked, incomes tanked, especially for low-income houses and low-skilled workers, but RENTs went up….

    …Yeah I think sweat equity could be possible. I would speak to someone at Restored Homes about the economics of these things. It’s expensive, they need a lot of work…

    …There should be a report of what jurisdictions are using the funds for…

    • Jessica, are the diagrams already formatted for the gazette or are you in the process? I can not read the explanation, I would really appreciate if you upload the diagrams and the text in a bigger format to take a look. I asked Katie about the font for the maps and diagrams. You have to select one to connect all the visuals.

  2. Charlie, the maps look good! it is interesting to see all the data together and to read your conclusions. Are you planning to map the other boroughs in the same drawing? who is helping you? One note regarding the design, I just asked Katie about the font of the text connected to the maps and drawings. You guys must select one font to unify all the different visuals.

  3. The diagram looks good, thanks for uploading it. I’m discussing with Katie the fonts for the drawings, maps and diagrams. I like the font in your drawing. Is it Times?

      • Thanks, I read the article, the diagram is helpful.
        I discussed with Katie last night the guidelines of the fonts and posted the latest changes. We can see tomorrow how the different drawings look like together.

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