Home as a Human Right:

Speculation and the Selling of Land:

On land ownership:

Another tradition:

And yet other traditions:

Vandana Shiva: Commodification of Land

Home as a Costly Commodity:

Kathe Newman and Elvin Wyly, “Gentrification and Resistance in New York City”  (2005)

Peter Marcuse, “Gentrification, Abandonment, and Displacement:
Connections, Causes, and Policy Responses in New York City” (1985)

The cost of housing:

Banks as slumlords…

Furman Center: State of NYC Housing and Neighborhoods

Gentrification and Displacement in NYC

US home foreclosures on the rise

US Foreclosure in 2012

Government Low-Income Housing Programs: Policy Guide

NYC Rent Guidelines Board 2010 Study

EB5 financing

NYC Land Ownership: Class Structure: Income Distribution:

NYC Real Estate

NYC Land Use  sefactshome.shtml

Who owns vacant lots:

ACRIS Research tool:

NYC Property value

NYC income gap double national average

Income inequality

NYC income inequality / comptroller

NY Times: Income Disparity

Economic Stratification

Cornell Center for the Study of Inequality

NY Times: “Class Matters”

NY Times: “Paradox of the New Elite”

Place Stratification in NYC and Tokyo

NYC Economic Data

NYC Economy Graphs

Neighborhood and Housing Destruction:

Counterinsurgency and the Kerner Commission
Frank Morales, “The War for Living Space

Yolanda Ward, “Spatial De-concentration

John T. Metzger, “Planned Abandonment: The Neighborhood Life-Cycle
Theory and National Urban Policy” (2000)

Mark Alan Hughes, “A Mobility Strategy for Improving Opportunity” (1995)

More on “dispersing the poor”:

Edward G. Goetz, “The Reality of De-concentration” 2004
Recent Displacement in New Orleans:

Kenneth M. Reardon, “The Shifting Landscape of New Orleans” (2006)

“Serial Forced Displacement” Dr. Roderick Wallace

“Planned Shrinkage”

Gentrification and Displacement in NYC

Gentrification of the City

Downs, Anthony (1968) “Alternative Futures for the American Ghetto,”

Daedalus, Vol. 97, No. 4, The MIT Press (reprint)

Downs, Anthony, Opening Up the Suburbs: An Urban Strategy for America,
Yale, 1973, pgs. xxx (reprint)

Homelessness, Statistics and Geography:

Homeless in America Report, Homeless Law Center

Homeless in NYC 2012

Homeless demographics

Congressional Research Service on “emergency” homeless assistance

Homelessness and Bloomberg

Overview of Homelessness[1].pdf

Picture the Homeless

Stranger to the System, Life Portraits of a NYC Homeless Community, ed.
Jim Flynn, Curbside Press, 2002 (reprint)

My Life on the Street: Memoirs of a Faceless Man, Joe Homeless, New
Horizon Press, 1994 (reprint)

Down and Out in America: the Origins of Homelessness, Peter H. Rossi,
University of Chicago Press, 1989 (reprint)

Carolyn Teich Adams, “Homelessness in the Post-Industrial City,” Urban
Affairs Quarterly, Vol. 21, No. 4, June, 1986 (reprint)

NYC Government Policy and the Shelter System:

NYC Department of Homeless Services (DHS)

Manhattan Organizations

NYC Homeless Shelters

More shelters needed

Public/private partnerships, religious institutions

Coalition for the Homeless / advocacy

The Legal Right to Shelter in NYC / The Callahan Decree

Mayoral 2011 attempt to alter policy

NYC City Council suit

NYC Council Committee on Housing and Buildings

Legal Aide Society Homeless Rights Project

NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD)

Structural Vacancies: Public and Private:

Picture the Homeless Vacancy Report

Picture the Homeless sponsored Crowd Map

Vacancies in NYC

HPD Selected Findings / Housing, Vacancies

1999 Report on Vacant City Property

HPD Vacant Land development

Why Not House the Homeless in Vacant Property?

Landlords Asked to House the Homeless After Sandy

NYC  / HPD Vacancy survey

Major Report by Federal Reserve Bank on Vacant Property

Vacancies in Cleveland

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland on Vacant Property

Empty Detroit

Vacant Foreclosed Homes
US Housing Census
“In 2010 there were 15.0 million vacant housing units in the nation, an
increase of 43.8 percent from the 2000 vacant-housing unit inventory of
10.4 million.”

US Housing Vacancy Rates and Homeownership

NYC Housing and Vacancy Survey

NYC housing stats / Habitat for Humanity

Furman Center on NYC housing

New York housing census

Government Accounting Office 2011 Report on Vacant Properties

Conference of Mayors report on vacant properties

Justice Department and abandoned properties

Pennsylvania report

Search for bank owned
Government Policy: Evictions and Foreclosures:
NYC Housing Court Evictions and City Marshals

Evictions and the Law
NYCHA No Evictions Policy

Rent Guidelines Board 2010 Study

2007 Study on NYC Evictions

Evictions / National

NY Times

NYC Marshals Association

NYC Department of Investigation

Foreclosure Evictions

Foreclosures NYC region

Foreclosures in NYC

Common Law / Legal firm defends those in foreclosure facing eviction

Principles, History, Tactics and Legislation of Urban Homesteading:

From Plows to Pliers: Urban Homesteading in America
Fordham Urban Law Journal / Volume 2, Issue 2 1973

“Intended and Unintended Consequences and Potential of Urban
Homesteading,” Barbara O. Nieri, Abraham K. Farkas, Housing and Society /
Vol 7, No 2, 1980  (reprint)

Nine Tenths of the Law: Property and Resistance in the United States,
Hannah Dobbz, AK press, 2012, (excerpts, reprint)

Homestead Act / Wiki

The Homestead Act 1999 – a bill that never passed

“Gimme shelter: self-help housing struggles within and against the state
in New York City and West Berlin,” Steven Katz and Margit Mayer,
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 9:1 (1985), (pgs.

Housing By People: Towards Autonomy in Building Environments, John F.C.
Turner, Pantheon Books, 1976 (introduction, pgs. xiii-xxix, reprint)

Homesteading NYC:

1977 NYC Executive Order on Urban Homesteading

Koch Revokes the Order
Urban Homesteading Program / HPD

City Limits 1984 article on homesteading

City Limits 1987 article

“TIL’s Ills” / City Limits

Tenant Interim Lease program / HPD

Speculating on HDFC’s

Philip St. Georges: early pioneer of urban homesteading and HPD / NYC
is the author of “They shall rebuild the ruined cities: urban
homesteading and sweat equity in NYC”1973, 538 pages, hard to find)

Inner City Press / homesteading and Bronx News

Furman Center / Sweat Equity (1980)


Laws and Guidelines:

HUD Guidelines / Urban Homesteading / 1990-2008

Modern Law and Urban Homesteading – 1972-1996

Urban Homesteading report;seq=1;view=1up

UHAB / Urban Homesteading and Squatting in NYC

UHAB / HUD Manual on Urban Homesteading (1989)

HUD Evaluation / 1981

HUD Evaluation / 1987

Boston program proposal (1975)

Michigan Urban Homesteading Act of 1999

The Urban Systems Research & Engineering, Inc. (USRE) authored “The Local
Property Urban Homesteading Program (The Local Property Demonstration)” a
study that was conducted in eleven cities from the spring of 985 until the
summer of 1987.

Another USRE / HUD commissioned report on homesteading

An online book that highlights the published work of URSE

Homesteading in Detroit? (2012)

Homesteading in Anniston–Urban+homesteading-+could+offer+solution+to+Anniston-s+run-down+lots%20&id=20031517&instance=news_secondary

Bush put forward homesteading proposal post Katrina

Community Land Trusts

HDFC Low-Income Co-ops: The Last Gasp of Affordable Housing?



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