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week 10 (04/10) Designing the Occupation and Rehabilitation Strategy: Local Initiatives and Financial Models

Class review preliminary proposal of Occupation and Rehabilitation Strategies and Vacancy Survey Map. Each group will present their proposal including the following points. 1. Problem statement: describe the issue(s) you are addressing in your proposal, including maps, statistics and research supporting such problem(s) in your intervention area. 2. Aim: define the main objectives of your … Continue reading


week 9 (04/03) Discussion Group and Group Review — Strategies

Discussion Group preparation (9:00am – 9:30am) Discussion Group (9:00am – 12:00pm) Guest confirmed: Gladys Puglia – Make the Road Andres Perez – Picture the Homeless Howard Brandstein – Sixth Street Center Sister Katie Maire – Bushwick Housing Independence Project Lenina Nadal – The Right to the City Alliance Laura Gottesdiener – Author of A Dream … Continue reading