Economics of Housing

Alex Schwartz talking about Housing and Homesteading. Audio of the interview

I post the audio of my interview to Alex Schwartz, professor of  Housing Policy at The New School. He says things that can be interesting for all groups.   These were my questions: 1. Your book “Housing policy in US” was written in 2006, just before the subprime mortgage crisis, what have changed in … Continue reading

Economics of Housing

From Red Lining to Sub-Prime: The Mortgage Industry, Discrimination and Urban Crisis

A really interesting article: “After decades of being denied credit, many minority communities were victim to “reverse redlining” during the foreclosure crisis, as mortgage companies pushed risky loans in hopes of profiting from their higher interest rates and fees.” “Countrywide, a now-defunct mortgage company owned by Bank of America, gave subprime loans to 10,000 Hispanic … Continue reading

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Take Back the Land contact

Here’s a contact for ‘Take Back the Land’ that Josh and I had the opportunity of meeting last semester through Alessandro’s lecture on favelas. His name is Mr. Robert Robinson, he’s now with the National Economic & Social Rights Initiative. I think he may be a useful contact for our research. Robert Robinson NESRI-National Economic … Continue reading