Urban Homesteading

19th Century Rhetorical History: Narrative

Before homesteading was urban, it was the mechanism used to manifest a rural landscape from the ‘virgin land’ of an open west. The conversion of ‘frontier wilderness’ into ‘productive land’ was initialized by granting federal territory to entrepreneurial farmers in return for ‘making use’ of the richness of the continent, starting in 160-acre plots. “Free … Continue reading

Economics of Housing

From Red Lining to Sub-Prime: The Mortgage Industry, Discrimination and Urban Crisis

A really interesting article: http://www.propublica.org/article/disparate-impact-and-fair-housing-seven-cases-you-should-know “After decades of being denied credit, many minority communities were victim to “reverse redlining” during the foreclosure crisis, as mortgage companies pushed risky loans in hopes of profiting from their higher interest rates and fees.” “Countrywide, a now-defunct mortgage company owned by Bank of America, gave subprime loans to 10,000 Hispanic … Continue reading