week 13 (31/04) Implementation Phase: Policy and Campaign Directions

The groups break in small groups to work on the following assignments:

Project description: Students write a description of their project, including problem statement, aim, methods (phases), collaborators and allies, financial instruments and outcomes.

Implementation phases: Using all the knowledge produced during the course, students envision the way their proposed projects and initiatives could be implemented or integrated in current public policy, programs and agencies, or through new local policy. In addition, students provide some  directions to outreach organizations and individuals advocating for housing and social justice and those struggling with housing acess to push for such local policy. The ultimate goal is to break the process of the project in a number of phases delineating the required steps for implementation.

Final presentation (printouts): Each project will be displayed during the final review in 4 tabloid size posters (11×17″). These posters must be developed in InDesign. They will be part of the Gazette. The presentation must display: (1) the problem statement including the research of your intervention area (2) description of the project including aim, goals, collaborations and allies, method (phases), financial instruments and outcomes.

Bushwick research: This research will be part of the final presentation. Thomas, Wendy and Charlie have worked in some of the posters, but some information is missing.