The final presentation will take place on Friday May 17, from 12:00pm to 7:00pm, in our classroom, room 603. Each group will have 60 minutes to present their work and 30 minutes for critics. Here is the schedule:

12.00 pm  Introduction: Course and guest critics

12.15 pm  Housing Research: Brief presentation of the Gazette

1.15 pm    Bushwick Research: Brief presentation of the district and vacant survey

1.45 pm   Group 01

3.15 pm   Break

3.30 pm   Group 02

5.00 pm   Group 3

Visiting Professors: Bruno DeMeulder (KU Leuven), Paola Vigano (IUAV, Venice), Bernard Secchi (IUAV, Venice), Kees Doevendans (TU Eindhoven), Jos Bosman (TU Eindhoven), Teddy Cruz (University of California San Diego), Craig Baron (Arizona State University).

Visiting Instructors: Irene Guida ( IUAV, Venice), Andrea Curtoni (IUAV, Venice), Varena Lena ( IUAV/KU Leuven)

Parsons Faculty: Brian McGrath (Research Chair Urban Design) , Miguel Robles-Duran (Director Graduate Program in Design and Urban Ecologies), William Morrish (Professor of Urban Ecologies), Miodrag Mitrasinovic (Associate Professor of Design Studies).

Other guest: Right to the City, UHAB, Bushwick Housing Independence Project, MRNY (to be confirmed).


GAZETTE: Students present briefly their research. Highlight the most important points.

BUSHWICK RESEARCH: Bushwick profile and Vacancy survey

STRATEGIES: (1) Problem statement, including research (2) aim and goals (3) method: planning process/implementation phases/local initiatives (4) collaborators and allies (5) financial instruments (6) intended outcomes.

PRESENTATION FORMAT (Gazette, Bushwick Research and Strategies):

1. Power Point/Key Note presentation.

2. Printouts tabloid size.