week 12 (24/04) Review with Guest Critics

Review Requirements

1. Problem statement: describe the issue(s) you are addressing in your proposal, including maps, statistics and research supporting such problem(s) in your intervention area. You must address the long term community (very low income residents) this is compulsory for the project.

2. Aim: define the main objectives of your strategy, for instance a new housing rehabilitation model through……to house  xx number of families earning less than XX, while producing XX jobs in the area and new local economies. Remember to address some features of  the Urban Homesteading model since it is the course base.  Include potential properties and location, ownership (private/public/banks) amount of units and/or facilities to be provided, targeted population, etc.  We need specific locations, number of units, property cost, and any information to have an idea of the impact of your proposal.

3. Method: define what kind of planning and design processes are needed in order to achieve your main objectives, for instance, participatory action research, mapping, creation of local initiatives to create awareness, engage or mobilize residents, local groups, city officials, etc. Explain the process with phases or time-line.

4. Collaborators and allies: define the initiators, collaborators and allies. Represent the collaboration with diagrams.

5. Financial instruments: describe what type of financial tools, public and private, would be used in your strategy.

6. Outcomes: describe the intended outcomes for instance, land control through the creation of new local frameworks of collaboration and community land trusts, a local campaign to implement a pilot project, creation of alternative housing models and/or local policies that can be transferred to other districts, etc.

Review Schedule

Guest Critics: Susane Schindler (Architect, Founding Editor of Candide: Journal for Architectural Knowledge), Robert Buckley (Economist, Senior Fellow Graduate Program of International Affairs, former advisor Rockefeller Foundation  and lead Economist at the World Bank), Paige Ballenbaum (Director of Community Programs at the Settlement Housing Fund, Brian McGrath (Architect, Associate Professor of Urban Design), and former director of Advocacy and Community Outreach for Habitat for Humanity) and some members of the Bushwick Community.

9:00 am — Introduction of the course and guest critics.

9:15 am — Vacancy Survey presentation, Charlie

9:30 am  —  Group 01, one hour presentation, 30 minutes critic

11:00 am  — Groups 02, one hour presentation, 30 minutes critic

12:30 pm   —   Lunch Break

1:00 pm   —    Group 03, one hour presentation, 30 minutes critic

2:30 pm   —  Last remarks for the whole class