week 10 (04/10) Designing the Occupation and Rehabilitation Strategy: Local Initiatives and Financial Models

Class review preliminary proposal of Occupation and Rehabilitation Strategies and Vacancy Survey Map. Each group will present their proposal including the following points.

1. Problem statement: describe the issue(s) you are addressing in your proposal, including maps, statistics and research supporting such problem(s) in your intervention area.

2. Aim: define the main objectives of your strategy  including potential properties and location, ownership (private/public/banks) amount of units and/or facilities to be provided, targeted population, etc.

3. Method: define what kind of planning and design processes are needed in order to achieve your main objectives, for instance, participatory action research, mapping, creation of local initiatives to create awareness, engage or mobilize residents, local groups, city officials, etc.

4. Collaborators and allies: define the initiators, collaborators and allies.

5. Financial instruments: describe what type of financial tools, public and private, would be used in your strategy.

6. Outcomes: describe the intended outcomes, for instance, a local campaign to implement a pilot project, local policy that can be transferred to other districts, etc.