week 7 (03/13) Design phase / Mapping and analyzing vacant properties in Bushwick

Gazette/Report organization (9:00 – 10:00 am) Introduction Assignment 6: Drafting a lawful occupation and rehabilitation strategy (10:00 – 11:00 am).  Using the knowledge acquired and produced in the previous weeks, students design an occupation and rehabilitation strategy including a number of initiatives to outreach, mobilize and engage locals in the planning and design process. Due week … Continue reading


The Subprime crisis

My research and interview of the subprime crisis led to various interesting articles, documents.  The first is academic the second is a powerpoint that explains it quit simplified in a funny way but is quit correct.  A third article explains on how big investors jumped into small properties after the implosion of the … Continue reading


Macro lots

Macro lots Macro lots is a thesisproject of Camiel Van Nooten about cooperative homeownership in Brooklyn. Camiel was a student architecture at the Leuven university where they did a project in Brooklyn last year. His project is a quit exceptional outcome for an architecture student as it is a community- activist driven design. His project … Continue reading