week 9 (04/03) Discussion Group and Group Review — Strategies

Discussion Group preparation (9:00am – 9:30am)

Discussion Group (9:00am – 12:00pm) Guest confirmed:

Gladys Puglia – Make the Road

Andres Perez – Picture the Homeless

Howard Brandstein – Sixth Street Center

Sister Katie Maire – Bushwick Housing Independence Project

Lenina Nadal – The Right to the City Alliance

Laura Gottesdiener – Author of A Dream Foreclosed: The Great Eviction and the Fight to Live in America

Lunch Break (12:00pm – 12:40 pm)

Group Review— Strategies (12:40pm -2:40pm). Last class three groups were formed according to property typology. There were also some discussions about working on three scales; mitigation, incremental and transformation.

1. Industrial. Members: Alberto, Katya, Katie, Stefano, Josh and Braden.

2. Multi-Units. Members: Charles C, Charlie W, Gabby, Bonnie, Ferhat and April.

3. Empty Lots. Members: Caitlin, Shirley, Jonas, Jessica, Wendy, Luca and Thomas.

Please start brainstorming about your strategy approach and bring your preliminary ideas/sketches to class; area(s) of intervention, number of properties/units to acquire and rehabilitate/develop, cost, ownership, strategy’s objectives and intended outcomes. We are going to meet with each group. In the meanwhile, the rest of the class will have some time to work on the strategies.