Gazette Guidelines — Font Size Changed

Page size: 11.25″w x 16.5″h
Margins: 0.625 on all sides (Go to Margins& Columns under “Layout” in InDesign)
Columns: 4
Gutter: 0.1667
“live space” then equals 10″ x 15.25″
Colors: black and Pantone Warm Red PC
(warm red= C=0 M=64 Y=100 K=0)
Black and Pantone can be any opacity and layered to create values of color
Font: (let me know if you need fonts)
Gotham: for titles, subtitles, etc. Use the sizes of the template on UPPERCASE. If you have sub-menus you can reduce the size to 14 pt.
Times New Roman: body copy, size: 9.5pt, leading 13pt.
***please note the leading is not “auto” it is 13pt
If you use a font for photo credits, images, diagrams, or whatever and it dips below like 8pts, try using Gotham Medium  so that the text does not break apart when printing.
use highest quality possible. Beware of thin lines as they might break apart depending on paper quality.
Also I think for now it is OK to insert a full-color image if you do not have time or experience in grayscaling or creating a monocolor image.