Homelessness & Vacancy

Defining Vacancy in Bushwick

Different reports on vacancy show widely varying results because of different definitions and methods of how vacancy is determined.

NYC land use maps identify:

– vacant land

vc bushwick vacant lot

Picture the Homeless identify:

– vacant buildings (white)

– vacant lots (gray)

vc bushwick picture the homeless

Right to the City Alliance – Make the Road identify:

– under construction: completely vacant (pink circle) and tax delinquent (pink square)

– completely constructed: fully vacant (blue circle) and tax delinquent (blue square)

– completely constructed: partially vacant (green circle) and tax delinquent (green square)

vc bushwick people without homes and homes without people

Survey Parsons identifies (mixed symbols):

– vacant residential building

– partially vacant residential

– vacant commercial building

– vacant mixed use building

– vacant industrial building

– vacant lot

vc bushwick parsons survey


Due to the wide span of the concept of ‘vacancy’ it is hard to compare the maps, however, it seems as if there is a concentration of vacancy along Broadway – which forms the border with community district Bedford-Stuyvesant (that also knows one of the highest rates of vacancy in Brooklyn) and along the border with Williamsburg. These areas are of particular intrest for further study because of the great potential of this high amount of vacancy. Reasons for the vacancy could be:

– border Williamsburg: closure manufacturing industry

– broadway: looting of stores in 1977

– area broadway: blockbusting, fires, foreclosure

Research will be continued into particular reasons and current status.

vc bushwick composit-01vc bushwick composit streets-01