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Mapping Vacant Spaces in Bushwick

Thanks for posting the vacancy maps and the different definitions! Could you please post this information as a comment in the research process section of your menu? this way we can reply and give you feedback. I think last term you were uploading the work this way. If this is not the case please let me know.

The symbols of the Parsons survey are different because the district was divided in 5 zones for the mapping. This is in deed confusing.

I got in contact with Chat Travieso from the Center for Urban Pedagogy. He worked recently with the students from the Academy of Urban Planning Bushwick (AUP). He contacted me with Josh Lapidus from AUP. I’m trying to have a meeting with him next week to see if they would be interested in partner with us for a short-term project, the mapping of vacant spaces in Bushwick.

This collaboration could go beyond the mapping project, details to follow.