week 4 (2/20) Visual representation and interviews

During week 4 we will start organizing the information we have produced in previous weeks, and design the guide for the key informant interviews.

Communication Tool/Research Report

We noticed during the presentation that the class is not working in a collaborative way regarding the visual representation. You have to discuss the format, font type, font size and colors that you are going to use in the maps and diagrams.  I really recommend you to start working in InDesign with a template. Please discuss the size and margins, as well as the location of texts and visuals (pictures, diagrams, maps, etc). If you have a template you can visualize the space you have and the size of your paragraphs. As we mentioned before, we are not developing an in depth research but a very strategic one. The communication tool that we are developing must be really accessible to anyone, in fact we could propose two versions, spanish and english.

Regarding the size, you can take a look to different publishing websites. Here are some options:

Create Space ( 7×10 inches, 8×10 inches, etc

Lulu ( 6.625×10.25 inches, 8.26 x 11.69 inches, etc

Regarding the visual formats (maps and diagrams), try to make simple drawings (black and white) showing only what you want to communicate (in color). We’ll show you some examples next class. Here are some examples of dissemination tools:

Key Informant Interviews

We’ll revise the potential interviewees and questions you are proposing. Each group must develop a series of questions related with the research line. These questions will be asked at the beginning, later on each student can include other questions more specific and related to her/his research topic. In this way we can compare the questions enquired at the beginning of the interview, and get details about certain topics.

All the groups must discuss the way they are going to represent the interviews in the report.