Urban Homesteading

19th Century Rhetorical History: Narrative

Before homesteading was urban, it was the mechanism used to manifest a rural landscape from the ‘virgin land’ of an open west. The conversion of ‘frontier wilderness’ into ‘productive land’ was initialized by granting federal territory to entrepreneurial farmers in return for ‘making use’ of the richness of the continent, starting in 160-acre plots. “Free … Continue reading

Urban Homesteading

Financial base

It might be interesting to take a closer look to what the financial and organisational base actually considers. Below is the first general information about how to generally fund an organisation or association  and which stages are involved. It is a short explanation, but hopefully it makes a bit clear what we are busy to analyse and … Continue reading


Tomorrow’s Review — Research, interviews and opinion surveys

We have noticed that some of you are still looking for key informant interviewees. The key informant interviews were scheduled to be presented last week (please see the syllabus). This assignment must be completed for tomorrow, this means transcribed and represented in a visual format (for the gazette). The opinion surveys were scheduled for this … Continue reading